Finding direction

Finding direction

Over the past 12 months our whole world has shifted: the universe each of us operates in each day has slowed down and grown smaller, at times to within the 4 walls of our own home.

As challenging as it has been, and continues to be, this does offer us a unique opportunity for introspection. We can step back and take the time and space to assess our lives and decide whether we are happy. Are we living in alignment with our hearts desires or are we just living reactively and without intent?

At an Energetic Journey we have been seeing more and more clients who just ‘don’t feel like themself’ or want to get ‘unstuck’ and through alignment they start moving towards living a purposeful life that is right for them..

If you’re more of an analytical thinker, then the following exercise can also be helpful. Grab yourself a journal and work through the following steps:

  1. Ask yourself:
  • What would I like to have in my life that I don’t have right now?
  • Write down what comes up and keep asking that question over again until nothing new comes up.
  • What would I love to do if there were no restrictions or obstacles? How about if money was not a consideration?
  • What makes me very happy?
  • What makes me laugh?
  • What stirs my emotions in a positive way?
  • What do I usually daydream about when I think about something I’d really like to do, be or have?
  • What would I love to do to help others?
  • What characteristics or personality traits would I like to have that I don’t have (yet)
  • What physical attributes would I like to develop
  • What do I want for my spouse or kids
  • What do I want for others
  • What do my best friend & I do for fun?
  • What did I used to do & enjoy that I don’t do now?
  1. For each of the things that you have written down in part 1 ask yourself: If I had that or was that, how would that make me feel? Doing this will identify the truly important ones.. you are looking for strong feelings.
  2. On a scale of 1-100 how badly do I want each one?

1-20 tells you it’s a whim or temporary want
20-40 is something you think you shoul do or others expect of you
40-60 warm
80-90 is important & internally motivated
100 = heart’s desire. It will make you feel truly happy & fulfilled.

Finally assess what has come up for you as your key priorities and most importantly, start making some small changes to move towards those priorities each day.

Most importantly in this coming year, just focus on slowing down and being patient and kind to yourself 🦋